UC Web Creations is based in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada in the Ottawa Valley Region. Services offered include web design, web development, digital marketing development, social media consultations and strategy recommendations, and technical training solutions.

How can I help you grow your online presence?

Web Design

Whether you need a website that just has information about your company, a membership site, an e-commerce website, or even an online course portal, I can design a premium and responsive website for you that will adapt to all devices!


Your brand is the first impression you make on your clients, so it's very important to stand out in a positive way! I can help you design a new, modern custom logo, new business cards, and/or even a new overall branding strategy!

Digital Marketing

From Social Media (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), to building email lists, to content creation for blog posts or website copy, I can help you navigate the world of online marketing and see results!


I offer training consultations to businesses in any industry. I am a certified Professional Instructor and eLearning Designer, and specialize in Adult Learning Principles and Technical Training to help you with your training needs!

More Information on My Main Services

Web Design

UCWC-mascot-painting-web-designWeb Design has been my staple and my main service provided to my clients for many years – it’s how I started out! Whether you are a business or a brand, a website is one of the first places your audience will visit to learn more information about you, but if all you’re doing is providing them with basic details, then you’re not maximizing the potential your website has! Think of your website as a portal to everything about you and so much more! It’s a place where you can invite your audience (whether they be customers, clients, fans, etc.) to keep in touch with you by subscribing to a newsletter, where you might entice them with a freebie, such as a coupon, an eBook, a download of some sort – basically, some benefit to them for signing up to hear from you on a more regular basis. Imagine this potential – this is how you generate leads that could lead to more (pun intended)! 🙂

Most of us have been raised to realize that first impressions are important – that’s why I always try to present my best self in these types of scenarios, and it’s not any different when it comes to your website. Having an aesthetically pleasing design for your site is the first impression you’re presenting to your audience, and your goal is for them to spend as much time as possible exploring the different pages of your website, so a nice, clean, easy-to-navigate design will play that very important role of putting forth your best first impression to you audience! I also do my best to ensure your website’s content is well-written, but friendly for Search Engines and Humans alike! There has been a lot of talk about Search Engine Optimization (click here if you’d like to read more about some of my SEO tips) over the years and its importance, such as getting a business website onto the first page of Google results, etc., but this is not something anyone can ever truly guarantee with 100% certainty, so if someone promises that, please don’t believe them blindly.

I know enough about how to optimize your website to ensure it gets found, but Google and other search engines are always changing how they do things, so the best piece of advice that has not changed in the past decade is to write quality content, because “Content is King!” as they say, and being an English Major, I can also help in this area by either writing content for you, or editing and/or tweaking content you already have! I would make sure it’s reader-friendly, but informative, and will also make Search Engines happy!

Part of accomplishing good search engine results involves having new content on a regular basis, and that’s where a blog can come in very handy for businesses in any industry, but unfortunately blogs often get overlooked due to lack of time and resources. I can relate to this because I don’t always have time to write blog posts as often as we’d like due to more pressing tasks such as client projects, but it’s something to keep in mind – a blog has more influence than you’d realize, like the Force does from Star Wars!

Geek talk aside, you’ll notice that we’ve tried to keep the techno-babble and jargon to a minimum here because that’s my job, and that’s why my clients leave the technology implementation to me. During the discovery phase of my web design process, I will explore what your goals are for your website and how to best accomplish them within your budget. Once we figure these details out together, UC Web Creations will make the “techno-magic” happen, and I will do my very best to ensure that you are satisfied with the results – and not just in the design of your site, but in helping you to grow as a business or a brand.

I can help you with your website! Let’s talk!

UCWC-mascot-new-logoJust like in web design, branding plays a major role in presenting your business or brand’s first impression to the world. For example, an outdated logo can actually deter your audience from learning more about you because human beings are visually driven, and branding is not only a representation of your identity, but also a marketing strategy in and of itself.

There are many things that can affect your audience’s response to your branding – colors (which colors are used, how many colors are used, etc.), logo complexity vs. simplicity, the words you use in your marketing messages to influence your audience, and as a business, even how you handle escalated situations with your customers affects your overall branding. Basically, branding is not just a logo that represents your company, but the overall image (again, pun intended!) you use to represent your business or brand to the public. Your brand extends from your logo, to how you choose to interact with your audience, to how you choose to market to your clients.

Sometimes, a brand has suffered from a bad reputation with the public, but it is possible to turn things around – it just takes some work and time. We can help you analyze your current brand to see how you’re currently being viewed by your audience so we can determine if there are any areas that could use some improvement, and we can help you to work on these areas, from a logo re-design to an identity overhaul that would allow you to move forward in a more positive direction.

If branding is an area with which you need some help, that’s what I’m here for! Let’s work together to improve your overall brand, even if it’s something as simple as your logo, or perhaps learning a new approach to caring for existing customers – I can help you to develop strategies that can be implemented and will produce improved results over time! 

I can help you with your branding! Let’s talk!

Digital Marketing

UCWC-mascot-robot-digital-marketing-social-mediaWhen was the last time you picked up a phone book to look up a local business? Do you still read newspapers? How about commercials on TV – so many people have PVRs now (Personal Video Recorders) for their TVs that they just record their favorite shows and fast forward through the commercials. Do you fall into this category as well? Many people don’t even have cable anymore because they just watch videos on YouTube, or streaming services such as Netflix.

In today’s day and technological age, Digital Marketing has quickly become the new mainstream way of getting your brand known out in the world, and it’s not just the younger generations that are being reached. Even in small towns (and I’m based in a small town, so I’m speaking from my own experiences here), when people need more information or a recommendation of who to go to for a service or product, they’re going online first, and not necessarily to Google anymore. They’re posting to local Facebook groups asking for recommendations, tweeting out on Twitter for advice, tweeting about their negative experience with a company, even sharing photos on Instagram based on both positive and negative situations they’ve faced with businesses. I’m seeing this more and more – especially on Facebook as they’ve made it very easy to ask for recommendations. We live in a world where people share everything immediately online because they get instant feedback and support from their friends and family.

If you’re wondering what the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media is, let’s first figure out the definition for Digital Marketing itself:

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.“Definition of digital marketing” – Financial Times. Retrieved on February 3rd, 2018.

Based on this definition, Social Media Marketing basically falls into the category of Digital Marketing because it involves marketing on the internet, to mobile phones, making use of digital advertising such as Facebook Ads, all of which are digital mediums – even a website is a form of Digital Marketing. Basically, the two terms are almost interchangeable, but really, Social Media Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing, specifically relating to using Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, which are some of the most used social media websites (not listed in any particular order). Digital Marketing is the umbrella and the specific types of online and digital marketing fall into its category.

Digital Marketing also includes something as simple as learning what to do to increase traffic to your website (click here to read more about our top 10 tips – with some bonus tips – on getting more traffic to your website or blog).

Another very important aspect of digital marketing is building an email list, and after many years, it still remains one of the best way to reach your audience. Email is definitely not dead! When it comes to using online marketing tools, many social media solutions can be used at no cost, while others will charge for paid advertising.

As a business or a brand, even if you’re using “free” social media services, it’s still not really “free” because it costs time to learn to use these mediums, and it also takes time to build a following using Social Media. Adding to the time is the fact that they are not static – they are always changing, and a business or brand really needs someone dedicated to implementing a Social Media strategy to be successful at it and to be able to keep up with the changes. Sometimes the changes are small, such as the sizes of images that should be used to a “cover” image on Facebook or Twitter, but if a business or brand doesn’t stay on top of these updates, their social media channel will not look seamless, which can affect their followers’ impression of them, which can then affect their overall brand image and strategy, and it just snowballs from there.

It’s also important to stay on top of Social Media for brand reputation purposes – many brand reputations have been destroyed via Social Media outlets due to neglect or not reacting to the public’s feedback on something, and unfortunately, on the internet, people are a lot more bold in their “feedback” (yes, I mean the negative kind). Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side – er, um, I mean, Digital Marketing! This is an area in which I have years of experience, and would love to share our knowledge with you to help you develop a working strategy that you can take away and implement, or you can even hire us to not just develop the strategy, but implement it on your behalf!


I can help you with your digital marketing! Let’s talk!



UCWC-mascot-trainingIf you’ve been reading more information about my other services, you will have noticed that there’s quite a bit involved in the world of Websites, Branding, and Digital Marketing, but I hope you’ve been able to see how they are all related to each other, which is why I offer these services – they literally go hand-in-hand with one another. It all might feel a bit overwhelming and confusing if you’re just starting to learn about these things in more detail, and it may very well be that you need a little training in these areas – or maybe you have a staff member you’d like to train to implement a strategy we’ve developed for your business or brand. I can most certainly help with this because training is also one of my areas of expertise, and in fact, I am a Certified Instructor with over 10 years of experience developing and facilitating Technical Training courses, both leader-led (in-person and online), and designing and developing self-study courses that can be made available via an LMS (Learning Management System). An LMS is really just another kind of website that can host online courses.

If you have your own ideas about developing a course you’d like to offer online, whether as a paid membership website, or just a private portal for your staff, this is also something I can develop for you. This type of solution is a little more complex than just a basic website, but it has great results when done right, and I would love to share my knowledge and expertise with you to get things going! Did you know that a high percentage of people who start an online course have a hard time finishing it? I can even help you design the course content itself into nice, visually appealing yet user-friendly e-learning modules, with quizzes, and even a “badge” system that will help students feel like it’s a game which in turn encourages learners to complete the courses they start. I also have experience developing more complex learning modules (as opposed to just videos or PDF documents).

We love to develop courses that use stories to teach. Have you ever taken an online course? We’ve taken many, and some were amazing, but others were less memorable and downright boring. Our aim is to help you develop a course that engages your students’ attention, and stories are what makes online courses memorable and even fun to use as a learning tool! Do you want your students to complete a course to just get it done, or to actually absorb the information being taught? Stories are the key to teaching well – both in leader-led classes as well online courses.

We’ve put together a very simple example of an mini course module. It’s not big enough to have much of a story to it, but even without a story, it’s meant to be visually engaging. This is just a small e-learning module we put together to show you that e-learning doesn’t have to be boring – it can be fun, which helps students learn better! Click on the course image to view my training module sample!

Sample eLearning Training Module


In essence, if you’re in need of training in different areas of Digital Marketing, or you would like some help in developing courses (whether leader-led or self-study courses), I’m here to make this area of your business or brand easier. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of my knowledge in this area, because the force is strong with this one – er, um, I mean the training expertise is definitely strong in me and I’d be more than happy to help!

I can help you with your training needs! Let’s talk!

Interested In Working With Me On A Project?

UC Web Care Plans

Are you looking for some peace of mind in knowing that an expert is looking after your website? UC Web Creations can handle not only creating your website, but I can also update it regularly for you, take regular backups, and keep it safe and protected so that you never have to fear hackers! There are some other things I can do for you as well on a monthly basis.

Would you like to know more?

My Best Practice is to Design for Mobile Plaforms

Usage of mobile devices to access everything on the web has grown exponentially in the past decade, so it’s important to make sure your website functions and looks great not just on computers, but also on smartphones and tablets. This is one of the most important features to consider for your web project, and we’ve got you covered!

In fact, this is such an important aspect of your website to consider that even Google search results are affected – a site that is mobile-friendly is more likely to show up in search results than a site that’s not responsive to mobile devices.

Being mobile-friendly doesn’t mean your page loads on a cell phone, or tablet without issues – it means that people don’t have to pinch their smartphones’ screens to be able to read the content, or click on a menu item because the page adapts to the device they’re using. For example, have a quick look at my website on your smartphone and you’ll notice that my website responds differently to your mobile browser than it does a browser on a computer, but it is still easy to ready and navigate.

Click here to use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page and you’ll know right away if you need some help in this area!

If your site is not mobile-friendly, I can help with a new responsive design for your business or brand! 

Need a little making your website mobile-friendly? Let’s talk!

Don’t just take my word for it!

From one of my long-time clients, Murray Comber:

It is my pleasure to recommend Ursula Comeau of UC Web Creations. I have worked with her for about 10 years now and she has built multiple sites for me with ‘Career Fit For You’ being the latest.

My best reference for Ursula comes by what she did for me in my most recent venture.

My project was quite massive and complex. It began with working together on the best domain name, then where to purchase it, followed up by the best and safest company to host it. This led to uploading WordPress, selecting the most flexible, easy to use WordPress theme on which the fabulous design of the website took shape, including the logo.

The theme was integrated with economical yet fully functional plugins that fit together seamlessly. This involved installing well-researched plugins for online courses, membership, a scalable automated email service, social media integration, pay processors, marketing enhancers, search engine optimization, site speed, and backup. Once completed and double tested, everything worked smoothly as it should for all customers.

If we discovered a glitch, Ursula fixed it. If she found a superior plugin, she replaced it.

Ursula will not let you down. She is creative, engaging and knows what she is doing. Based on her experience, she is able to give constructive feedback when necessary but not at all pushy or difficult to work with. There were times I was able to understand what she was wanting to accomplish in the website construct and I felt comfortable moving forward with her suggestions. There were other times, based on my experience in my field, that through our dialogue, she was able to better understand what I was trying to accomplish. Based on her new knowledge, she was able to implement my suggestions.

Ursula knows it’s your business for you to be proud of, but everything both seen and behind what is seen is hers to be proud of as well. This creates an atmosphere for a mutually engaged process.

The most recent site UC Web Creations developed for me:


These two sites were also designed and developed several years ago for me by UC Web Creations and will be updated in the near future:


Kudos to you Ursula and thank you very much.

Murray Comber
September 13th, 2017

Murray Comber

Interested In Working With Me On A Project?

My Web Design Process

  • 1. Discovery Session

    In our first meeting, we will explore what your needs are together so that we can determine if we are a good fit for each other, and look at developing a customized solution to meet your needs. For this meeting, I like to schedule a 45 minute phone or web conference call. (I’m an online business and do not meet with my clients in person.)
  • l

    2. Content Creation

    Once we’ve agreed upon a proposal, we need to work together to figure out exactly what pages and content will be needed for the project. I will work with you to figure out exactly what’s best, and I can even help with the content if you’re not sure where to start (content creation is a separate service than can be packaged as part of your solution).
  • 3. Design & Development

    With the content finalized, at this point, I will be able to lay it out in a design that reflects your brand. I will start the design and development and share them with you as I make progress to ensure I have your approval every step of the way. Feedback in this phase is welcomed as my goal is to develop a site with which you are 100% satisfied!
  • 4. Testing & Finalizing

    Once the content, design, and development have been completed, I need to test everything out to make sure it all works – whether it’s a simple business site, an e-commerce store, or a full membership site offering online courses, we will work out the kinks and ensure everything works according to your needs, and also on different browsers and devices. Your site needs to look good no matter how it’s being accessed by your visitors!
  • 5. Project Delivery

    Once everything has been tested and finalized, I will provide you with the final invoice and once paid, I will deliver the completed project, ready for you to launch! If you need some help with launching, I can assist with that as well!

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