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Web Services offered by UC Web Creations include Web Design, Social Media, and Online Marketing Solutions. We work exclusively with WordPress for our web and blog design services, so that you can update your content easily. Please fill out the form below the service details below to provide more information about your project and web service requirements.

Web Services Offered:

  • Customized Website Design using the WordPress platform
  • Website Maintenance of WordPress-based sites
  • eCover Designs (eBook, eProducts, etc.)
  • eNewsletter Setup & Design
  • eNewsletter Maintenance & Management
  • Facebook Page Setup & Design
  • Twitter Page Setup & Design
  • YouTube Channel Setup & Design
  • PowerPoint Presentation Template Design
  • WordPress Consulting
  • Brand Development & Logo Design
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy and SEO Consultation

UC Web Creations offers pre-paid packages to cover projects that are not necessarily clear-cut web design packages, maintenance packages or online social marketing solutions, including website tweaks, adding pages and/or content, providing consulting via phone or skype, etc. The hours you purchase do not expire and are valid until they are used.

5 Hours – $325 USD or CAD
10 Hours – $600 USD or CAD
20 Hours – $1,100 USD or CAD
30 Hours – $1,500 USD or CAD

UC Web Creations also offers a Pay-as-you-go option, however it is only available to existing or past clients.

Time spent on tasks will be tracked, always rounded to the nearest quarter of the hour (15 minute increments). For example, if a task takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete, 1 hour and 15 minutes will be billed, but if 1 hour and 25 minutes are used, then 1 hour and 30 minutes will be billed. (This is to keep the billing and keeping track of time as simple to calculate as possible).

A sliding scale is used when invoicing so that you are getting the best rate depending on the number of hours used.

  • $90/hour – 1-2 Hours
  • $65/hour – 3-9 Hours
  • $60/hour – 10-19 Hours
  • $55/hour – 20-29 Hours
  • $50/hour – 30-39 Hours
  • $45/hour – 40+ Hours

Terms & Conditions:

All time spent on your project is billable. This includes: communication via email or phone, project management, or any other activity that needs to be performed in order to ensure the completion of tasks.

All time is tracked using a solution called Freshbooks. Login credentials will be created for you so that you can login at any time to see the amount of time that has been incurred for your project. This works very well for our clients who are on strict budgets.

Extra expenses incurred will also be billable to your account. This includes: stock photography, hosting charges if you choose to have UC Web Creations host your site and/or images instead of having your own hosting account, etc. If UC Web Creations needs to incur a cost to perform tasks for your project, your account will be billed. Please note: all expenses must be approved by you before purchase(s) are made.

All invoices must be paid within 30 days of receipt in order to keep your account in good standing with UC Web Creations. Invoices are billed in Canadian dollars if you are based in Canada, and in US dollars if you are based in the United States or any other country.

Please note that due to the nature and format of UC Web Creation’s products and services, no refund policy is offered.

UC Web Creations reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Fill out the Service Request Form below, or try our Web Design Pricing/Cost Estimator

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    Feel free to provide me with examples of websites/blogs/Facebook pages/Twitter backgrounds/etc. that you like vs what you don't like. You can provide me with web addresses/links as well to show me examples.

    This information will help me to understand what type of design you like so that I can ensure I design something that will suit you and make you happy!
  • Budget Details

    Now I need more information on your budget.

    --> Please note that the hourly rate for services such as Coaching/Training/Graphics Design is based on a sliding scale as follows:
    • $65/hour – 0-9 Hours
    • $60/hour – 10-19 Hours
    • $55/hour – 20-29 Hours
    • $50/hour – 30-39 Hours
    • $45/hour – 40+ Hours
  • What kind of budget do you have to work with?

    Please be aware that 50% of the cost of design and development will be required upfront, with the rest being due upon completion of the project./strong>
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