Website for Life Concept Ministries

Website for Life Concept Ministries

Project Type: Custom Web Design & Development for Branding Identity and Online Presence
Skills used: Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development


Designed by UC Web Creations.

Life Concept Ministries is one of Murray Comber’s website. Murray is a Corporate Soft Skills Trainer and Career & Work Consultant who is certified as a Personal Dimensions trainer/instructor, and one of my long-time clients. He is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region, and travels throughout North America giving workshops that are invaluable to helping people find their career path while discovering who they are and how they relate to others. I highly recommend his services!

His ministry involves him providing workshops to churches to help people understand their own personalities and “what makes them tick” so that they can understand themselves and others better, as well as strengthening their relationships in all areas of their lives, including at home and at work. As a fully ordained minister, he also provides other services such as filling in for pastors when they go away on vacation, and even officiating wedding services.

To this end, he needed a simple website that would communicate the services he offers to churches, and he wanted something that was warm and inviting, so I did my best and he was very happy with the results. We will be looking at re-designing this website in the future as it was done years ago and is not mobile-friendly.

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