Digital Marketing Services offered by UC Web Creations include web design and web development, social media strategy consulting, and training for these solutions. UC Web Creations was founded by Ursula Comeau in 2008 and is based out of Arnprior, Ontario, located in the Ottawa Valley which is the national capital region of Canada.

UC Web Creation’s Four Service Pillars

So, who runs UC Web Creations?

Ursula Comeau

Ursula Comeau

Founder and Director

UC Web Creations was founded by me, Ursula, in 2008 out of a need to build my own website for one of my hobbies: my music. More on that later!

Nicknamed the WP Gal (the WordPress Gal), I’m a digital marketing addict who loves everything to do with building beautiful but functional websites, figuring out digital marketing strategies that work, and helping businesses understand how to leverage social media.

Let’s not forget that life is also about having fun! I’m a big geek and proud of it – among other things, I love everything related to Star Wars! (Click here to check out my Web Wars page and you’ll see just how much of a geek I can be!) – you might be impressed! 


I have a strong background in customer service, technical support, as well as technical training, and I’ve been using computers and technology since the mid-80s. I’ve been an active internet citizen since 1995, and I love to help businesses learn how to better position themselves in an ever-changing online market.


I’m also very proud to be a Certified WP Elevation Digital Business Consultant as well as a Friesen, Kaye and Associates (FKA) Certified Professional Instructor. I have a knack for making technical concepts easy to understand for beginners, as well as helping businesses understand the importance of the solutions provided here at UC Web Creations. I love to share helpful tips and resources, especially on Facebook and Twitter (@UCTweets).

When I have time, I also teach tips and tricks on working with WordPress over at WPGal.com. 

Ursula the WP Gal


As mentioned, one of my hobbies is music – again, when I have time, I compose, play piano, flute, even the recorder, and I absolutely love to sing as well. I occasionally also dabble in photography. My interest in web design actually stemmed from a desire to design my own website to host my compositions, and in 2007, I found the perfect solution in WordPress. The discovery of this awesome platform led me to use my new skills to provide online marketing services including blog and web design, digital marketing strategy consultations, training, and even other creative services such as logo creation and video creation to others – whether they be individuals or businesses. If you’re at all curious about my music, she uses her middle name over at tathiana.com. I do need to find some time to update that website, but other work right now has taken priority!


Ever Melody

As time allows in between work, I will be changing my music site completely and will be using my “artist name” Ever Melody. Over the years, I’ve found people have a hard time spelling or sometimes even pronouncing my name, and I came up with Ever Melody because it’s easier to remember. If you’re at all curious about my music, here’s a video I put together with a song a composed (both music and lyrics) a few years ago. I composed it hoping to inspire people to hang on – life throws its curve balls sometimes when you least expect them, but I’ve learned that taking life One Day at a Time is part of how you get through life – it’s totally cliché, but totaly true as well. 🙂

I also love cats!

I also love cats (who doesn’t think they’re adorable?) and definitely believe they are slowly taking over the internet! I made this video a few years ago because sometimes we just need a reminder that everything will be okay when life get tough. 🙂 Can you tell there’s a theme going on here? I’m well-versed in the lessons learned from the school of hard knocks, and still end up back there sometimes like everyone else, but we just have to get back up again and keep going! 🙂 Having cute kitties helps, too! 😉

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