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UC Web Care Plans are meant to give you peace of mind so you can focus on what you know best: your business or brand’s tasks and projects!

Your Website is an Investment That Needs Protection

Have you ever thought about what you might do if you woke up one morning to find your website had been hacked and was not accessible, or worse yet, had a not-so-nice hacker’s message in place of your business or brand’s home page?

Let me tell you a secret: hackers know all software is vulnerable.

This is something you need to keep in mind and not forget because it includes the software that runs your website! Just as with other unpleasant life events, you never think it’ll happen to you, but the fact is that you never know when a malicious hacker will strike. In fact, one of my clients actually did have that happen to their website several years ago before they took advantage of one of my Care Plans. Since then, they’ve been very happy with my regular monthly website maintenance care, but don’t take my word for it – click the letter below to read for yourself!

UC Web Creations Testimonial from Sue Ingle at SPI Consultants (based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Maybe I can just take care of that myself.

Maintaining your website on a regular basis can be a daunting, time-consuming, and cumbersome task that will distract you from doing your real job, which is building relationships with your customers, clients, partners, and even your staff. Technology and digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and it’s my job to keep myself up-to-date with this knowledge so that you can focus on your business or brand.

I would be more than happy to do what I do best (and I do love this stuff) so that you can focus on what you do best!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If any issues arise with your website due to negligence on my part in any way, we will fix the issue at no additional cost.


Please note that due to the intangible nature and format of UC Web Creation’s products and services, no refund policy is offered.


Please be aware that any conversations that need to be had are conducted by email, telephone, or web conference – not in person. UC Web Creations is an online business. There is no contract for any of these plans and you are free to cancel any time. These plans are offered on a subscription-basis and need to be paid monthly in advance, however there is no contract – you can cancel anytime!

Website Hosting

Do you take care of hosting my website as well?

I do in part. I can take care of the server-side activities such as getting your website files on your web server, setting everything up, etc., but I’d prefer that you register your own domain (website address) and have your own website hosting account. That way, you have full control of everything, and I just need access to your cPanel (not your billing area) and I take care of all the technical stuff to get your website set up and available for people to visit once the design and development has been completed. I do have a preferred hosting provider that I recommend, and I ask that you set up a hosting account with them. 40% discount code that can be used when you initially sign up with one of their hosting packages. I will guide you through what you need to do as this is the hosting provider I use and trust for my own websites.

If you would prefer, I can take care of everything for you by setting up the website hosting account on your behalf and including it as part of a UC Web Care Plan – we can chat and work together to figure out what would work best for you.

What exactly is website hosting?

Well, your website is basically a bunch of computer files that need to be stored somewhere. They are files that contain detailed instructions that tell a browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge, etc.) what to show a visitor when they arrive at your website address (called a domain).

Think of a hosting provider as similar to a landlord, and you need to pay rent, but instead of renting an apartment in a building, you’re renting some space on their very powerful computer servers so they can house (or host) your website for you and they take care of maintaining those computers as well.

So why do you use the hosting provider you have now?

I’ve done a lot of research on the best hosting provider to work with, and there are many out there, but many are now owned by one big company. I used to use a hosting provider that was acquired by this big company, at which point I noticed severe service degradation. As I was researching, I discovered that this was a common denominator among other hosting providers that were also bought by the big company, so we needed to find a good hosting provider that was still independent and would likely not sell themselves out to said big company (for privacy and ethical reasons, we are not naming the big company’s specific name as it is not in our character to put down another business – I’m just relaying my direct experience). I needed to find a reliable hosting provider that offers fast service, 24/7 technical support, offers the free SSL certificate that you should install on every website (more on that in the next question), among other features and options. I’ve been with my newer provider since 2016 and have been extremely happy with their services, so that’s who I recommend!

Why can’t I just host my website with you?

UC Web Creations specializes in Web Design and Development, Branding, Digital Marketing, and Training. I know computers very well, but I am not a server guru and I don’t have my own servers to host the websites I design and develop – I’d rather leave that task to the experts because there’s a lot of maintenance and security involved with taking care of the powerful computer servers needed to host websites!

Okay, so, who exactly do you recommend we use for our website hosting solution?

I use Stablehost for my own hosting needs, so that’s who I recommend. If you already have hosting, 99% of the time, I can work with your existing host as long as they provide the resources I need (a cPanel, free SSL certificates, etc.), so there is a chance that I may need you to switch providers so that I can provide you and your visitors with the best experience.

One of the reasons I love Stablehost is because they are very affordable, and they also include a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for your website. SSL is a technology that’s used to establish an encrypted (or protected) link between a web server and a browser, just like your bank’s website, so that information is kept safe from hackers and other potential prying eyes. This is actually very important now, because it even affects your website’s visibility on search engines. Google will prioritize websites with SSL certificates in search results over sites that don’t have the encryption option installed.

Please note that the Stablehost links on this page are affiliate links and I do make a very small commission for promoting them, however, I would not promote a service that I would not use myself. As I mentioned, Stablehost is the hosting provider I use here at UC Web Creations.

Great! You’ve definitely convinced me. Should I go ahead and sign up now?

I’d recommend waiting until you have a chance to discuss your needs with me first so that I can help you decide which package would be best. For example, if your website will be a simple informational website to let your visitors learn more about your business or brand, then you probably don’t need a large hosting package, but if I’m going to develop a full e-commerce store for you where people can buy products or services from you online, or even a learning portal where you will have online courses available, then you need a package that provides more features, more processing power on the server, among some other options as well. Let’s talk first about what your needs are, and we’ll figure it out together.

Feel free to check out their website, though – you can click the image below and it will open up in another tab, and from there you can explore the different packages and options Stablehost offers!

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