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Web WarsStatic vs Dynamic


It is a period of web wars.

Modern websites look very different than they did in the 90s when the internet began to be more widely used. Your website is often the first stop for someone researching your business or brand. How is your website looking these days?

If you haven't modernized your website in a while, you could potentially be causing harm to your business or brand. For example, in the past few decades, people have shifted from using the yellow pages to find a business to using Google instead, and that's why optimizing your website for search engines is so important.

Another example is that people are much more apt to purchase products and services online because it's very convenient - they can do so from the comfort of their own homes. Look at Amazon - they're starting to ramp up online grocery shopping and having your groceries delivered within 2 hours of your completed purchase!

The look and feel of your website also affects a visitor's impression of your brand. Having a site that's easy to navigate, works well on multiple browsers, and is accessible on mobile devices have become crucial to the success of a business or brand. People are now using their smartphones to browse the internet more often than ever, to the point where even Google will prioritize mobile-friendly websites in search results.

There's also a new trend of using Social Media to ask for recommendations from friends and family for services they need, and it's amazing the amount of responses and opinions that come as a result of simply asking! This is where branding (not just a logo, but how you portray your business or brand to the world, from marketing, to sales, to customer service, etc.) and Social Media Marketing becomes very important because social proof is quickly becoming more prevalent!

This new digital age in the world of websites has been called Web 2.0. Are you still stuck in Web 1.0 and feeling overwhelmed? If you are, then your competitors may have an advantage over you in these Web Wars! Consider an alliance with UC Web Creations - we can help you by designing and developing an attractive, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain website, along with providing you with some Digital Marketing strategies that will improve your business or brand!

The power of your website is immeasurable!

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