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Project Type: Custom Web Design & Development for Branding Identity and Online Presence, Learning Management System for Online Courses, Membership Website with E-Commerce Functionality
Skills used: Graphic Design, Responsive Web Design (mobile-friendly), Web Development, Learning Management System Development, E-Commerce Membership Website Development, Course Membership Automation through Email Marketing Integration and other Email Marketing Integration Options, Integration of Website Analytics, Website Content Creation Assistance (Writing, Editing, and/or Reviewing Copy for grammatical accuracy and reading ease), and Website Optimization for Speed


Designed by UC Web Creations.

CareerFitForYou.com is run by Murray Comber, one of my long-time clients. Murray is one of my long-time clients and is a Corporate Soft Skills Trainer and Career & Work Consultant who is certified as a Personal Dimensions Trainer/Instructor. He is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region, and travels throughout North America giving workshops that are invaluable to helping people find their career path while discovering who they are and how they relate to others. I highly recommend his services!

Murray wanted to be able to take some of his workshop courses and convert them to be online training courses that could be sold through a new website and have a membership base that would access a learning management system to take the courses. This was one of the most complex websites I’ve developed, and it integrates a lot of moving pieces that include not just the website and the special functionality (such as a built-in learning management system for online courses, e-commerce to provide the ability for visitors to purchase access to the courses), but also integration with an email marketing and automation service that would help to protect the content and ensure users receive the appropriate emails to access the online courses, and even when someone completes a course.

Murray will be adding additional courses to his website in the future, and when he’s ready to do so, he has already committed to having me help him with that. For now, we’ve implemented three online courses that he sells as a bundle, and after extensive testing, the website has officially launched!

If you’re in need of some career advice, his courses are very affordable and will help you in your career journey! If you’re unhappy in your career, I recommend you take his courses as he will expertly guide you through the process of figuring out where you are in your career journey, what career best suits you, and he will also help you figure out where to go from there.

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