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Training & E-Learning

UC Web Creations offers training consultations to businesses in any industry. With the help of our resident certified Professional Instructor and e-Learning Designer, we specialize in Adult Learning Principles. Training principles and effective training methods that are often overlooked by businesses that don’t have their own in-house trainers, or trainers that simply need some assistance. We can help your business to develop or improve your training materials to maximize their effectiveness, whether your employees, channel-partners, and/or clients are your target audience.

Contact us so that we can arrange to have a call and discuss your needs and requirements!

Training and E-Learning Tutorials

Training is often overlooked, but very important. You need to know how to work with your site, or any other provided solutions, such as social media marketing, technical training or e-learning modules, or even employee onboarding and HR training in for small, medium, and large businesses. We will help you understand and work with the developed solutions. Technical Training is one of our areas of expertise as Ursula, our WP Gal, is a Professional Instructor and has years of experience as a technical trainer in teaching clients how to use different technologies.

For e-learning courses and tutorials, we specialize in using Articulate Studio ’09 as well as Articulate Storyline to develop training materials that can be used on the web, or in a Learning Management System, fully compliant with SCORM or Tin Can API for tracking purposes.

Click on the following image to view a sample e-learning module:

Sample E-Learning Tutorial

Click on this image to view a sample e-learning module.

If you aren’t an existing client and already have a WordPress-based website, or perhaps need some help in figuring out how to leverage social media marketing, or you’re a business who needs an E-Learning and/or Training Consultant, UC Web Creations can also help you! Feel free to inquire about training by filling out the Services Form.

Need some help learning WordPress? Tired of trying to find the information you need all over the internet via dozens or more sites? Consider taking our course! It’s very affordable, and it is geared towards beginners trying to learn to design websites with WordPress!

“The Beginner’s Guide to Web Design with WordPress”, offered exclusively at Learnable.com.

As a student, you can take courses that will teach you:

  • in bit-size chunks
  • at your own pace
  • in your own time

Click on the image below to check out the course details!

The Beginners' Guide to Web Design with WordPress

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