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Affordable Marketing Graphics Toolkit – Professional and Useful Images

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WPGal Recommends Affordable Marketing Graphics I recently discovered a resource that I literally jumped on, and I’d like to share it because I feel it’s an extremely valuable resource. It’s a very affordable Marketing Graphics Toolkit! If you have a website or blog, then you can be considered an internet marketer – someone who provides information, ideas, perhaps even promotions by using the internet as your means to an end. At some point, you’ll likely be offering your readers a product, or perhaps referring them to products you recommend – whether through your site, or even in an email you send to a list of subscribers. In order to get your readers’ attention, you’ll need marketing graphics and images as a marketing tool in order to efficiently implement your marketing plan and strategy – that’s where my recommendation comes in – it’s an awesome Marketing Graphics Toolkit.

*Update* There are now 3 versions of the affordable Marketing Graphics Toolkit, each unique in what graphics they offer. I purchased all three for myself, and recommend all three!

Marketing Graphics Toolkit – Version 1

For less than $10, you can get your hands on the ultimate marketing graphics resource that will save you time and money – it’s literally called the Marketing Graphics Toolkit.

If you struggle with designing awesome graphics, need some attention-grabbing buttons, or even need to make an ebook cover without paying an arm and a leg to get it done, this this kit is worthwhile for these features alone – that’s without even mentioning everything else it includes! Here’s a quick run-down of what you get:

Marketing Graphics Toolkit

If you want more information, click below to get instant access to a detailed explanation of what you get for only $9.95 in the Marketing Graphics Toolkit – I’m certain you’ll be just as impressed as I was at the amount of great looking image designs, photoshop files and templates, and extremely useful marketing graphics for such a low price!

Get Instant Access to Marketing Graphics Toolkit v1

Enjoy this awesome marketing tool – you may not even need it right away, and could perhaps use it down the road – don’t miss it at this price, though – it’s worth much more based on what you get!

Marketing Graphics Toolkit – Version 2

If you don’t have photoshop, the 2nd version of this package is now available:

Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2

Get Instant Access to Marketing Graphics Toolkit v2

Marketing Graphics Toolkit – Version 3

And yet another version of the awesome and affordable Marketing Graphics Toolkit (version 3) is now available:

Marketing Graphics Toolkit v3

Get Instant Access to Marketing Graphics Toolkit v3

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  1. Hi Ursula…just found your site when I was browsing (and spending way too much time on) Learnables. You do nice work…design-wise and musically! You must have one of those enviable brains whose right and left sides talk to each other more fluently than mine. 🙂 I’ll go find you on Twitter so I can follow your work – just wanted to stop and say ‘hi’ from another WP Girl. (Knock on wood…should have my site up this week.)


    July 31, 2011

    • Hi Christy! Sorry for the delay in responding – I’ve been super busy! Thanks so much for leaving a comment, and thank you for all the compliments – I’m totally flattered! 🙂 How did your site come along?

      WP Gal

      August 13, 2011

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