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PluginBuddy’s BackupBuddy Saved My WordPress Site!

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BackupBuddyI can’t stress just how important it is to backup your blog or website! I’ve been having an issue with the backend of my WordPress site for a while now, but just hadn’t had time to really look into it as I have some client projects on the go. My site is definitely due for an overhaul and redesign, however, in the meantime, since this is what I currently have and my clients’ projects come first before my own projects, this is the site I presently have to work with.

With that being said, I was starting to get frustrated with not being able to log into the back end and write new posts… I don’t like to wait too long before posting on my blog, and it has definitely been longer than it should. I tried different ways of fixing whatever was wrong, but honestly speaking, I just didn’t have the time to try to fully figure out and fix whatever was wrong with my site files, so I decided to use BackupBuddy.

I have to admit that BackupBuddy saved the day (or rather night) for me! There are, of course, manual ways (and time-consuming ways) of backing up your WordPress installation, however, PluginBuddy’s BackupBuddy. plugin makes it easy, simple, and not time consuming at all… very straightforward to use, even for non-techies! Luckily, I’ve been using it for a while to backup my clients’ sites as well as my own, but I haven’t needed to use my own site’s backup until now.

Now, I usually use SimpleScripts for my WordPress installations via BlueHost as my host provider, however, everything I tried to restore my files just didn’t work, so I decided to delete it all – files, database – everything – because I was just starting to get frustrated (I’m human after all). From there, I uploaded my full backup that was made at the end of July via BackupBuddy and went through the 6 easy steps to restore my site after creating a new database via the CPanel that BlueHost offers, and ta-da! I’m back in business!

Don’t take a chance! With WordPress, because of the regular updates made to the script itself (new features, security updates, etc.), things can always go wrong at some point or other, and you never know when it will happen. Always always always backup your installation – your files, your database, and yes, again, this can be done manually, however, if you want an easy and fast solution for WordPress backups, then I highly HIGHLY recommend BackupBuddy as the ideal solution! Without it, you wouldn’t even be reading this post right now!

Click on the image below for more information on how to get BackupBuddy for yourself:

Backup WordPress Easily

Thanks to the guys at iThemes and PluginBuddy for this awesome plugin! If you’re considering purchasing it, you should check out the PluginBuddy Developer Suite.

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