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How to Use Getty Images For Free on Your WordPress Blog or Page

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NewsToday’s big news (March 6th, 2014) is that Getty Images is making their expansive library of award-winning professional photographs and illustrations available for everyone to use for free (for non-commercial purposes). This is big news for bloggers as finding royalty-free images to use in blog posts can sometimes become a hassle.

Images are a very important aspect of blog posts, so this is definitely important news to be aware of! A picture is definitely worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, and it helps to break up text on a page, making it more enticing for readers as they browser your articles and posts online, however, finding an image you’re allowed to use is where the hassle comes in – you need to either make your own images (or take your own photographs), scour the internet high and low for free royalty-free images (not an easy task), or purchase a royalty-free image from a stock images provider, such as http://123rf.com (this is the one we use as we’ve found it to be the more cost-effective than other stock image providers).

In case you didn’t know, using Google to search for images and using the images found in a blog post is illegal as those images, for the most part, are copyrighted. Using royalty-free images, on the other hand, is the correct way to use images in blog posts, but often need to be purchased in order to use them.

What does Getty Images consider “commercial usage”?

Getty Images considers “commercial use” as promoting a product, service, or company. For example, if you sell coffee makers and you use an image from Getty Images to promote the product, this would be considered commercial use and you need to buy a license to use the photo in that manner. On the other hand, if you are a coffee-lover and want to write a blog post about why you think coffee is awesome, even if you make money from your blog through advertising (such as Google Adsense), Getty Images doesn’t consider that use commercial, and you can freely use the embed feature without having to buy a license for the image you choose to use.

Full terms of use can be read here: Getty Images Terms

How to use Getty’s free images on your WordPress Blog

The first step is to search for an image, and mouse over the one you’d like to use:

How to add Getty Image to your Blog Post or WordPress Page - Step 1

Not all images can be embedded, however, but many can. If you don’t see the embed button, then try another image.

How to add Getty Image to your Blog Post or WordPress Page - Not all images can be embedded

Once you have found the image you’d like to use, click on the embed button to be taken to the window that will give you the embed code:

How to add Getty Image to your Blog Post or WordPress Page - Step 2

Now go to your WordPress site, log in, start creating your blog post or page, and when you want to show the image, paste the embed code into the editor, making sure you’re using the Text mode, not the Visual mode. The embed code may not work properly if you paste it using the Visual mode:

How to add Getty Image to your Blog Post or WordPress Page - Step 3

Now you’re ready to publish your page or post! You can preview the page before publishing, and here’s an example of what it would look like on a WordPress blog:

How to add Getty Image to your Blog Post or WordPress Page - Step 4

What are your thoughts? Will you be using the service? I hope this article helps you take advantage of this newly available option for images in your posts!

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