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UCTweets received a few tweets on Twitter with a link to a site that compares the top 10 rated web hosting providers. In their list, the top 3 were: FatCow, HostMonster, and BlueHost. After spending some time researching, here are some conclusions:

  • FatCow is the least expensive host, but their control panel is relatively basic and not as feature-rich or intuitive as what BlueHost offers, and they don’t offer SimpleScripts (which makes WordPress installs a cinch!) – although a plus for FatCow is that they do not allow adult content to be hosted (lowest price definitely doesn’t mean best host)
  • HostMonster‘s control panel is similar to BlueHost’s and they do offer SimpleScripts – in fact, HostMonster and BlueHost are owned by the same parent company, however, BlueHost is geared towards professional and business hosting services, so server quality and performance is a little better than HostMonster (price difference is very minimal)
  • BlueHost is the provider we use and recommend with our services for many reasons – both from research and comparisons. Keep reading to see some key reasons as to why we chose BlueHost!
  • Other hosts (except for Hostmonster) don’t offer SimpleScripts as part of their control panel, or allow adult content, or their control panel isn’t very intuitive, and the list continues, so UC Web Creations still recommends:

Easy Domain Registration

BlueHost makes it very easy and simple to register a domain – within a few clicks, you’ll have your desired domain ready to go! You can also rest assured knowing it is a reliable service – they host over 1.5 million domains!

cPanel Provides Easy Site Management

BlueHost offers a feature-rich and intuitive cPanel, which is a hosting platform that is fully automated and allows a user to manipulate his/her site options by simply clicking on different options – user-friendly for non-technical people!

BlueHost is family-friendly – they do not host adult content.

An important ethical point for UC Web Creations – “BlueHost does not and will not tolerate adult material of any kind on our servers.” Also important as this ensures your site will not be blocked by countries (such as China) that restrict access to such hosting providers.

BlueHost offers easy-to-use tools – including SimpleScripts and Fantastico

Installing and upgrading a WordPress is most easily done using a tool called “SimpleScripts”, which is an even better tool than Fantastico! Install and/or upgrade WordPress with virtually one click!

Security – BlueHost Values Your Information

BlueHost uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure server both for clients’ hosted sites as well as their own system. “This type of protection inhibits third parties from intercepting your personal and private information when they should not.”

BlueHost is Affordable

  • No hidden costs for e-mails – you get up to 2500 POP e-mail addresses!
  • Created unlimited FTP accounts
  • SSL, Stats, CGI, PHP, MySQL (PHP & MySQL are necessary for WordPress)
  • Different pricing packages to suit your needs (starting at $6.95/month if paid upfront)
  • Easy to use!
  • I have had to call their tech support (available 24/7) on occasion, and they have ALWAYS resolved my issue in a timely and very friendly manner!
  • Click Here for a demo of Bluehost’s Control Panel!

Here’s What you Get!

One free domain with your hosting package!

No need to worry about renewing your domain every year – as long as you continue taking advantage of BlueHost’s hosting services, you will never lose your domain!

Unlimited Space and Transfer!

You will never have to worry about running out of storage or bandwidth and having to upgrade to a more expensive package – the sky is the limit with BlueHost!

Unlimited Domains!

If one domain isn’t enough for you, you’ll be able to add additional domains for only $10 USD/year, all under one account! Easy to add, easy to manage!


With a 99% uptime guarantee, BlueHost is one of the best hosting providers to use – reliable access is important for both personal and business sites!

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