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New Twitter Design: How to Set Up the New Twitter Header

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Did you know that Twitter released a new design for you Twitter profile page? It is no longer a struggle to brand your Twitter page! The old design options limited branding to the background image you use in your Twitter design, but now, Twitter has revamped its design to include the ability to have a header image, which of course, you can brand! We tweet @UCTweets,...

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How to Increase your Facebook Page Edgerank

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If you have a Facebook page, you should be aware that just like websites have a Page Rank, Facebook Pages also have one. It’s called: Edgerank. With so many social media outlets available on the internet, let’s face it: it’s time consuming to use social media for online marketing. Many of us, including myself, use tools to helps us to automate the...

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Top 10 Website and/or Blog Traffic Tips

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Traffic building is a form of online marketing, and it isn’t a magic formula where you snap your fingers and *poof*, you have regular visitors on your website or blog. It requires work, and most importantly, time and dedication to drive traffic to site. There are many ways to increase traffic to your website or blog, but it boils down to building trust and...

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What is Inbound Marketing?

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Inbound Marketing is the next generation of marketing for businesses, regardless of whether it’s offering products or services. Inbound marketing involves attracting your clients to you, instead of chasing after your clients. Online, this is done by using three key components: Publishing content online via a blog, a video, an eBook, etc. Optimizing that...

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Auto-Tweet Your Blog Posts with Feedburner Socialize

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A few months back, I wrote an post on Free Google Tools for Websites and Blogs. One of the things I recently discovered is yet another awesome Google tool: Google Feedburner’s Socialize feature. Google now has its own URL shortener, which Socialize makes use of. This also enables you can use Google Analytics to track your traffic from Twitter. I absolutely...

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