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What is Inbound Marketing?

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Inbound Marketing is the next generation of marketing for businesses, regardless of whether it’s offering products or services. Inbound marketing involves attracting your clients to you, instead of chasing after your clients. Online, this is done by using three key components: Publishing content online via a blog, a video, an eBook, etc. Optimizing that...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Web Design with WordPress at Learnable

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It’s been rather quiet here in the UC Web Creations blog, but that’s because I’ve been so busy with several web design projects as well as a project of my own: a beginner’s WordPress course! Introducing my new course, “The Beginner’s Guide to Web Design with WordPress”, offered exclusively at Learnable.com. In the past few...

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“Everybody Wins” Contest from Maxblogpress – Win the Subscribers Magnet Plugin!

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MaxblogPress has made a few very useful free and premium plugins, such as the Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate that I use and reviewed a while back. I’ve had my eye on Maxblogpress’ newest plugin, Subscribers Magnet, for a while. This WordPress plugin essentially will help you build an email list much faster than using conventional methods, and it’s...

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SEO, Keywords and Blog Optimization

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When it comes to blogging, creating blog posts, and having a website in general, search engine optimization is the key to being found. Having some form of keyword strategy for your site/blog/posts so that search engine spiders know what your posts are about are important if you want people to find you online when they do searches, whether it be using Google, Bing,...

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