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There are many forms of Social Media Marketing, from Facebook, to Twitter, to YouTube, and even LinkedIn, among others not mentioned, and it can get overwhelming! I can help provide you with guidance in this area! I absolutely love social media, and will help you to implement social media solutions as well as train you on how to use them effectively. Don’t underestimate the marketing power of free social media options – especially Facebook!

  • Need a Facebook page? I can help you set one up, and we can even configure blog posts to be posted on your Facebook page automatically!
  • Want a customized Facebook welcome page? No problem – this can be done as well!
  • Need some tips on using Twitter? Believe it or not, Twitter is actually quite easy to use, and it’s a free marketing tool! Everyone loves free, right?
  • Want a customized Twitter background? No problem!
  • Want a customized YouTube background? That’s something else I can design for you to match your brand!
  • Not sure where to start with LinkedIn? I can help!
  • Need some overall or beginner’s training on how to use social media? I’ve got you covered!

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Facebook Page

Don’t miss out on the awesome potential that Facebook provides!

With over 650 million users, Facebook has become a force to be reckoned with – and not ignored. Social Media has changed the way people use the internet by allowing them to actively interact with others, and if your goal is to promote a business, you will need a custom Facebook Page to stay on top of the game.

Facebook Pages can be created for free, however customizing your page will make it stand out above the crowd and provide a better experience for your visitors. There are two ways to customize your Facebook Page:

Facebook Banners
A 180×540 pixel vertical banner can be designed so that you can provide a nice advertisement in addition to your branding on the left sidebar. Be aware that these vertical banners can be used on both personal Facebook profiles as well as business pages.

Facebook Landing Pages
A full HTML (integrated via iFrame) welcome or landing page for your Facebook Page can be designed and created to provide an even more customized experience for your visitors. This means that you will have a full page just like any other web page on the Internet that can contain images, text, videos, and links and/or clickable buttons.

Why Would I Want a Custom Landing Page?

A custom landing page can be a basic welcome page, encouraging visitors to “Like” your page and start seeing your posts in their news feeds, or a 2-stage revel landing page can take it one step further and encourage users to like your page by enticing them with a reward, such as an ebook or some other “secret” information that they can access only after liking your page. These pages encourage interaction between your business and visitors, making your business more approachable and thereby increasing your potential for drawing in new business and/or customers. Studies show that Facebook landing pages can increase clicks on the “Like” button by up to 25%, and sometimes more, and the “Like” button is the secret to getting more interaction with your visitors!

So, what are you waiting for? We have several packages to choose from, and can help you get your Facebook Page up and running in no time!

Custom Facebook Page Packages:

$149 – Facebook Page without Custom iFrame Landing Page
$249 – Facebook Page with Simple Custom iFrame Landing Page
$349 – Facebook Page with Custom iFrame 2-Stage Reveal Landing Page
$499 – Facebook Page with Custom iFrame Mini-Site Landing Page

All of the above packages include a Custom Sidebar Banner with your logo or photo (or both)

Already have a Facebook Page but want a custom banner or iFrame page?

$99 – Custom Facebook Sidebar Banner
$169 – Simple Custom iFrame Landing Page (add sidebar banner for a discount cost of $49)
$269 – Custom iFrame 2-Stage Reveal Landing Page (add sidebar banner for a discount cost of $49)
$419 – Custom iFrame Mini-Site Landing Page (add sidebar banner for a discount cost of $49)

Where is the Landing Page stored/hosted?

Facebook pages need to be hosted externally via a web hosting provider, and as of October 2011, will require an SSL certificate. If you would like us to host your page for you, we will ensure the appropriate requirements are met and will maintain your page regularly, ensuring that necessary changes are made in order to continue meeting Facebook’s ever changing requirements.

The cost for this service is $10/month.

If you would like to use your own hosting, we require that your hosting provider support MySQL, PHP, and has a CPanel for administrators to use (hosts such as BlueHost and Hostgator provide all of the above). You will also need to ensure your hosting account is setup with a domain that uses an SSL certificate. If you’re not sure if your hosting account meets these requirements, please contact your hosting provider to inquire further.

To inquire about Social Media Solutions, please fill out the Services Form.

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