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5 Reasons To Set Up a Membership Site

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UC Blog by WP GalThis is an idea with which I’ve been toying for a while now (and is constantly in the back of my mind), especially since it’s a very powerful and profitable method of earning money online. I have some ideas, but part of the problem is implementation. I’ve become an expert at setting up WordPress Sites/Blogs, so this would be a whole new endeavor for me, and admittedly, a scary one at that!

  • Q: What is a membership site?
  • A membership site is basically a website (or community) within a niche market where its members pay a modest fee to have access to it. It can be a recurring subscription which members can pay monthly or yearly, or for a certain number of months, or even a one time fee.

    The following are 5 reasons why I’ve been considering setting up my own membership site:

  • 1. Steady Income Stream (via Subscription Payments)
  • We all dream about being able to have a steady income and being “financially free”, especially entrepreneurs and people who work from home or have their own small business. Having a membership site guarantees a steady income stream from people who value your products and/or services, and it also helps to weed out spammers – someone who chooses to pay for access to your membership site is truly interested in your offerings!

  • 2. Establish Yourself as an Expert
  • Let’s face it – the internet and “blogosphere” is filled with experts in all different niches, so what makes you stand out above the rest? To be honest, in my opinion, that isn’t really the question – the question is, how do you prove your expertise in a niche or area with so much competition out there? Part of the answer lies in having a membership site – if you keep your content fresh, easy to access, and ensure the happiness of your members (whether they be a large or small following), you will gain their respect in your field. In turn, you’ll also likely gain some free marketing via word-of-mouth, which always has been and will remain one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and the more (interested) members you have, the better, and that’s how you’ll make yourself stand out!

  • 3. Build Your List
  • Building a list is an important aspect of marketing yourself and/or your products/services to find potential clients. This goes hand-in-hand with having a website and blog to help promote your products/services, but it will also provide a potential marketing avenue for new/additional products and services. Again, if people have chosen to subcribe to your paid membership site, if you do it right, you will earn their trust by establishing youself as an expert, and they will be more likely to buy from you again!

  • 4. Reach Your Target Audience
  • Building your list leads right into reaching your target audience. There is such diversity in people’s interests, it’s not necessarily easy to find an audience interested in your particular area of expertise in order to market to them. When you have a membership site and have built your list (though it’s a neverending task), you know that you’re guaranteed to be reaching people who are interested in your area of expertise, thereby increasing your chances of successfully promoting your products and/or services!

  • 5. Potential Affiliate Income
  • Remembering that you’re only one person, you limit yourself when you try to do it all yourself. Creating an affiliate program so that others can help you market it brings in extra revenue that you likely wouldn’t have had otherwise – especially if those people are already members and can attest to the quality you provide! It also gives them some incentive to promote you as they will also earn a little cash on the side, so it’s a win-win situation. It’s all about getting the word out, and what better way is there than to get others on-board with promoting your stuff?

    Q: These are all very good reasons to consider having a membership site, but how do I go about creating one?

    That is the question at hand, and one that I personally don’t yet have an answer to, but I know someone who does! His name is Yaro Starak, and he has several successful membership sites running from which he brings in a lot of income!

    Luckily, Yaro is the type of guy who likes to help people succeed, and his membership sites have to do with helping bloggers get blogging, and helping people set up membership sites themselves (among other things). I’ve read reviews on his courses and even joined his Blog Mastermind, which provides a lot of information for bloggers starting out. I’ve been interested in joining his Membership Mastermind course/program for a while now, however, he only opens it up a few times a year. I’m excited because that means all these questions that I have (and that I’m sure you have as well) will be answered! Some of my questions are:

  • What topic should I choose for my membership site?
  • How do I convince people to choose my site over others’ sites?
  • How do I drive traffic to my membership site?
  • What technology should I use to run my membership site (that’s easy to use)?
  • I have read a lot of reviews on his “Membership Site Mastermind” program, and he is definitely endorsed by many people in the industry, and has helped many get their own membership sites going. Be sure to watch Yaro’s podcast interview with Daniel Scocco – the interview breaks down Daniel’s $10,000 a month membership site launch (Daniel used Yaro’s Membership Masterplan and applied some of the strategies it teaches).

    I think I’m ready for this challenge, and I plan on signing up when Yaro launches The Membership Site Mastermind in just a few weeks on Tuesday, October 27th at 9 AM EST.

    Are you up for the challenge? If so, click on the image on the left to access the Membership Site Masterplan free report!

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